Tube family

Material6082 T6, ASTM A106
Dimension (upto) mm500-750
Weight (KG)3-5
Special JobsAnodic Oxidation

Gear family

Material SS 304, ASTM A276TY
Dimension (upto) mm360 OD
Weight (KG)0.1- 0.16

Contact Parts family

MaterialAl Forging, Copper, Al rod
Dimension (upto) mm300-950
Weight (KG)4-40
Special jobsSilver Plating

Lever family

Material6082 T6 Extrusion, ASTM A106
Dimension (upto)mm160 – 230
Weight (KG)0.6-13

Big Plate family

Material6082 T6
Dimension (upto) mmMax 1500 OD
Special Jobs4-68

Corona family

MaterialAL Rod 6082 T6
Dimension (upto) mm100-230 Dia
Weight (KG)4-40
Special JobsSilver Plating Anodizing

Shaft family

MaterialSS 304, 430-F, ASTM,A564,A276TY
Dimension (upto) mm30-70 OD
350 – 2550
Weight (KG)0.1-11

Mechanised Parts

Material: Casting EN-GIS-700,FG 6000/3
Dimension (upto) mm: 40-500 Dia
Weight (KG): 3-35
Special Jobs: Zinc Plating Heat treat, Induction hardening, gear Cut, broach

Cylinder family

MaterialAL Rod 6082 T6
Dimension (upto) mm180-230 Dia
Weight (KG)25-35
Special JobsSilver Plating
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