Plunger family

Material440 SS,174PH
Dimension (upto) mm7.8-42 DIA
Special JobsPassivation, Hard chrome plating,
Heat treatment

Shaft family

MaterialAISI 4140,304,416
Dimension (upto) mm210-760
Weight (KG)0.5-11

Mounting Bracket family

MaterialCast Iron
Dimension (upto) mm108-290
Weight (KG)1-30

Casing family

MaterialCast Iron
Dimension (upto) mm80-140
Weight (KG)1-5

Gear family

MaterialDuctile Iron
Dimension (upto) mm360 OD

Casing family

Material Cast Iron
Dimension (upto) mm25-45
Weight (KG)6

Iron Rotor

MaterialCast Iron
Dimension (upto) mm560
Weight (KG) 18

Head valve

MaterialAISI 4140
Dimension (upto) mm75
Weight (KG)3.5
Special JobsGold Zinc plating

Head valve

MaterialAluminium 2024 T6
Dimension (upto) mm105 OD
Weight (KG) 1.15
Special JobsAl- Black Anodizing

Head valve

MaterialCast Iron
Dimension (upto) mm150(elliptical)
Weight (KG)5.85

Carrier Assembly

MaterialDuctile Iron
Dimension (upto) mm720mm
Weight (KG)152

Anchor Brake

MaterialDuctile Iron
Dimension (upto) mm654
Weight (KG)280

Shaft family

Material1E1120 Steel
Dimension (upto) mm260
Weight (KG)1.76
Special JobsMPI, Grinder Burn, Heat

Shaft family

Material1E1120 Steel
Dimension (upto) mm254
Special JobsNickel Plating

Shaft family

MaterialAISI 1018
Dimension (upto) mm21170
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